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The Hug


“ I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words.”

-Ann Hood

A hug can change body chemistry and affect your metabolism. It’s a way to exchange unspoken emotions. That magical touch which can relieve the body and heal the soul.

A soul that would wait for the night to have the body resting so that it can escape to its own unique world to create new experiences and feel deeply.

My wandering soul gifted me a very pleasant experience that not everyone can experience in the awake life.

Despite the whole dream, I’m not here today to talk hug interpretation. I just want to share the magical experience and the blissful influence of a healing type of a dream that left me remembering myself running then being grabbed into those few heavenly moments that allowed me to feel how can a pure meaningful hug feel like. Not like any hug from anyone I would know. It was a special connection. It even felt more real than the real hug. Even though it was a stranger man that I don’t know in real life, it felt so familiar.

The hug was so warm, calming, containing, filling, satisfying, pleasant, grounding. The way that this person had his arms around me and the way that made me feel weightless was filled with so much love. I was hugged to the entire being I am. Strong were the arms that created a shield around me that had me feeling protected. Tender and filled with kindness. It was tight that I can feel it in my ribs. Timeless, that had me close my eyes in the dream to save the moment forever. It’s a hug that makes you forget about what was, what is and what will be.

It requires the same hug to describe how it was.

It really was a magical dream.

That part of us, the forever unique intelligent soul, had gifted me that night dream, which still having me living in the influence of a pure hug and yet it’s still a dream.

Now I’m wondering how many times I hugged a person with my soul?

How many times did anyone of us really meant to hug truly?

How much did we appreciate the moment that we got to transfer our true feelings to the other person?

Now I know that I need to be more aware of the emotions I transfer when I hug somebody.

How about you?

In the end I say:

“ Hug truly and let your soul speak the healing.”


As above so inside!

As above so inside!

Because we’re a deep creatures full of possibilities and probabilities willing to expand, and we’re never limited. Seeking our true-self and the glow within, To open up that universe-alike inside of us, requires a true believe in what we’ve got and the gifts we’ve been blessed with.
Whatever we’re getting prepared for is a part of that higher growth that opens a huge world to explore within. However, you will never know if you’re ready for it until you’re getting put into an action without a previous notice. It’s like being forced without a force to bring all the treasures within you out. To see in yourself what you never knew was existing. When you know that limitations are only illusion we’ve created inside your mind, a shortcut that our minds created to not waste time trying to figure out the truth.

There’s no such a thing called a wrong timing. There’s only a perspective that would make things work out for our own good and make things right, or just believing that it’s an obstacle that meant to hold us back. It’s all a part of the system of our endless growth.

Believe in magic