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Why me??!!



“Sometimes, We get hurt to know what is more valuable.”


Usually who really deserve to get hurt, is someone who has been careless about others, and would hurt anyone easily (some kind of karma). 

But many of us were doing good and speaking good, however they still get hurt not once or twice buy over and over again. And it gets us asking the famous question. What have I done to deserve this??! -WHY ME-?.

Well, let me tell you “WHY?” – from my own perspective, and it’s a totally personal opinion- 

Don’t we always get caught up with life?  going with the flow? Don’t really know if the life we got is the best for us or not!. It just feel right at the moment because it’s all what we used to, and it’s our very comfort zone. nothing is changing and we feel good about it. maybe, just maybe we’re living like zombies thinking we’re in control but we’re just driven.  

So what do you think would wake you up for the growth you’ve been missing? Or for the chance of the change you really need, not the change you might want?! sometimes we need a hit by something, not just a painful experience. it might be an event that would allow us to notice and see what we couldn’t see before. let me say, – A wake-up call-. It might sounds exaggerating or doesn’t seem to be convenient when we’re pushed forcefully out of our comfort zone. So, the truth that we might realize after being in so much pain, if we  really looked carefully,- and we might not realize it any soon- is that there’s something valuable that we have been missing and we couldn’t realize it sooner because we have been taken with a distraction blinded us and disturbed the path to our growth. and as they say , no pain, no gain. It’s all a part of evolution and preparation of what comes next. Remember that you came to life through pain. and it’s only a price you have to pay to get what you deserve

let’s say getting hurt is just a catalyst to fasten the process.



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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Aya

I hate you but I would rather say I love you.


Funny I love you hate you pic

A friend zone issue:

Have you ever had somebody saying I hate you without a reason? or acting so mean to you while you’ve done nothing? … well, think twice before thinking about hating back. they might be in love!! 

  I was discussing this subject today with one of my friends and I thought it’s a very interesting subject that could allow me to dive more into people. it really flashed my mind and I couldn’t just pass it and not to write about it. And here I’m going just to say my personal opinion. 

  When someone loves so much and face a rejection, it becomes a problem that would be hard to process. people tend to hate the pain of being in love or the embarrassment that might come a long with telling the truth about their true feelings and opening up.. and when the word “love” represents the person he or she is in love with, They might somehow turn that care into a careless emotions, a complete denial to avoid the feelings of rejection in order to save their dignity.  By saying “I hate you” it could be a great sign of feeling hurt by loving you. like trying to convince themselves with the opposite feelings to get through the pain.

So when someone say I hate you or s/he stop caring about you suddenly just know they are really in love with you. And no matter what is your decision about that relationship, deal with it with care. don’t be hard on them, don’t push them away or be offended. try to understand their situation because they are already hurting enough! 

That happens in some cases only!!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Aya S.