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Life Cheat Sheet


Letting a passion die inside will only bring more sorrow.

Appreciate the phases that we can’t define. As from life, happiness we can borrow.

Life doesn’t give a seeker, but those who rise above needs.

It’s a pattern that everyone goes through, with all the ups, downs, twists and reaps.

Make your life counts, as long as you breath.

Here for the winner, whom risen above the chaos.

And had their own chances, in shutting out relapse.

The circle gets rounder when in the wheel we spin.

So, if you feel you’ve had it, break it and to a new start you begin.


Scene in a daydream

Scene in a daydream

I’ve been having this daydream.

Not just once and more than twice.

I was next to you on the right seat.

On a long road ride.

Listening to music, holding hands.

Smiling as time goes by real fast.

I don’t know if it’s the air.

or maybe the love we share.

It’s something I can’t compare to any of my rant.

Oh my heart it’s a daydream,

That keeps popping up in my mind.


It Feels Like Summer


It feels like summer,

heated, burning, slightly stinging, no air at times.

and only for a small moments it cools off just like its short nights.


seasons fading into each other, tangled with our feelings for one another.

laying on the edge of the highest mountain

looking down at what we can’t see.

celebrating those minutes of love,

after tearing up in doubt, and it seems,

we don’t share the same ground.

It weights so much going up the mountain but

gravity makes it easier going down.

I wonder if we will make it together for another round,

or one of us is going to fade between the clouds.

Please, tell me it’s just a summer then things are going to shape cooler colors.