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Matching Differences 


It seems while we’re trying to be grounded and looking for the best of what we can have, we get a bit picky, specially in our  relationships. We always seem to be looking for the other half that is shaped like some sort of a reflection of ourselves. having  the same interests, like the same food, common movies or places to go. as if we found a soul-twin. It sounds comforting and kinda predictable to know what would it be like spending a lifetime together.
But guess what?. Not for me!!

Why in the world would I be with someone that’s a carbon copy of myself. Same things we like, same stuff we share,  whatever similarities is there; it sounds really boring for me. I fill my own time with my own self and I don’t get myself bored, I’m a loner and I enjoy it, but when in a relationship I’d like to see more, explore more and share more than the same interests.

Maybe because I’m a type of person that is looking for growth not stability? Or maybe I’m afraid of relationship boredom by time? Or because I pay attention for the signs that is “if we’re not adding for each other, it means we’re not fitting together”?

Well, whatever the reason may be, I like to enjoy differences. Open minds that not trying to prove which point of view is right, not afraid of change or exploring each other’s worlds or minds. Using their own differences to complete one another. Agreed on  respect and never hurt each other. But of course mature enough to fit my maturity,  at least decent educational background.   While making our pieces fit together as if it’s a huge puzzle we collect.

Sounds risky??

Who cares.. We only live once!!

⚠️ Fundamental love must apply.
Love &  Light



As above so inside!

As above so inside!

Because we’re a deep creatures full of possibilities and probabilities willing to expand, and we’re never limited. Seeking our true-self and the glow within, To open up that universe-alike inside of us, requires a true believe in what we’ve got and the gifts we’ve been blessed with.
Whatever we’re getting prepared for is a part of that higher growth that opens a huge world to explore within. However, you will never know if you’re ready for it until you’re getting put into an action without a previous notice. It’s like being forced without a force to bring all the treasures within you out. To see in yourself what you never knew was existing. When you know that limitations are only illusion we’ve created inside your mind, a shortcut that our minds created to not waste time trying to figure out the truth.

There’s no such a thing called a wrong timing. There’s only a perspective that would make things work out for our own good and make things right, or just believing that it’s an obstacle that meant to hold us back. It’s all a part of the system of our endless growth.

Believe in magic