Monthly Archives: March 2017

The reasons we’re here.


Reasons might appear then disappear in our life due to the lack of our preparation on how to deal with it. It’s all a series of events flashes before our eyes, calls that are waiting for us to pick up. 
 Just stay connected. 

The Gift Of A Friend


Tonight I just want to reflect on the blessing of a true friendship. It’s a heavenly gift of mercy, warmth and kindness. A touch of care and gentle smile of comfort. A loud laugh that you might have thought you can’t do. 
  Divided soulmates; each got a piece of you, and you got a peace of them. Nothing would replace a true best friend. A friendship that I would giveaway my life for. Unlimited understanding and unbreakable trust. Prayers from the heart even when it’s not needed. 

A friendship that cleanse the soul and puts back the balance in life. I’m thankful. I truly am. 

Unconditional love got unlimited forms. 
Love and light 

❌ 💋