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We’re a silly people


well, we were so bored and sitting in silence  so we decided to get. aimlessly silly.

it took us many tries to make it work .

Anyways, the lesson of the day:

when you’re bored and there’s nothing to do.. find yourself something that will make you smile or just laught at yourself trying.

Just smile 🙂



Unforgettable trip to the village


A week ago I went to the heaven, not really 😀 😀 it’s my relatives farm in the valley. And wow, smuch an amazing, lots of greens and a huge sight space that made me feel free inside. It’s a deep country side away from any city life. Won’t get into so much details about the place. and I just wanted to record my very deep gratitude for this trip that allowed me to feel something that really left me with so warm feeling of love are the people there.

 Back 4 years ago, I went to this place which is a very far away from cars, high ways or city lights. it was my 1st time to go to the country side. And I do, have many relatives spread everywhere. so that was my very first visit to the country. But it was a very fast visit, I was applying for the college right after finishing my high-school. we were on hour way back to my city when there was a split road on our way, when mom said: “you know, there are my uncle’s living in the country and that’s the road which leads to them. I haven’t seen any of them in ages. *sigh* so much memories of this place”.  I told mom what if we go now now to stop by and say Hello. and revive our relationship with the family?!. She said: really? Do you want to go?. I said: yes, NOW!! Then we decided to go in just  5 second. we stopped the bus and changed direction to the village.  After a hard time for mom trying ti remember roads and places and signs that had vanished by time of long years.We are finally there. that’s the place mom has always talked about. once we arrived, we saw a bunch of kids playing outside my mom’s uncle’s  house. 3 little boys and 2 little girls .. the older was about 8 years old. once the adults noticed 2 strangers approaching their place, they got outside wondering if we need help or we’re lost (our city style looks   outsiders). An older women got close and althiuits been over 20 years. Once she saw my mom, she recognized her and hugged her so tight, well, it’s my mother’s aunty. they knew her from the 1st sight. and we started to exchange the hugs and kisses. Yeah, I’m her brother’s granddaughter!!! Then mom’s uncle came out and started to introduce us to the family new members like me, the kids who are the grandchildren. 

They welcomed us so kindly and friendly specially me as if they knew me since forever. And it’s only the first time I meet with them. 

Oh and the most amazing thing are those little kids, they were so nice and sweet to me. You can feel the way their family are in their eyes and smiles. From the grandparents to the grandchildren they were all so dawn to earth and kind. and personally my inner energy matches those kind of people. 

So here we are, new friends in the 1st 30 minutes. my mom’s aunty said ” we won’t let you go back home tonight, you have to stay at least a week”  we had our excuses and we really have to go back because no one at home knows where we are, and we can barely get a signal in our cellphones, couldn’t call home till a late time.  So she said after lunch you both will be released. We rested for a while, had lunch. And that was it, we headed back home.

And it’s been 4 years since then. we didn’t go back there, we got busy with life. And yeah, years flies by so fast..

Then It happened, we took our decision to visit them again, but this time won’t be me and mom only, we’re bringing everyone they missed and have missed them, specially my grandmother. so we went, it was me, my uncle’s family,granny, mom and my 2 brothers. It was like a bolt of happiness when we got there. they were so excited to see us again and see everyone we brought with us  time.  The little kids grew up and I found more 3 new members . 2 girls and a boy they are so sweet. I love kids so I had a big share of hugging anhoding them. The thing that never changed is all the cheerful smiling faces.  same love in their eyes and hot welcomes with hugs and kisses. Well, that’s how you know that you got a family. I’ve been charged with a good amount of love. 

While we were there, we went to visit other relative’s houses, other relatives and uncles and aunts, it’s just tangled bug family. they are many in the same area. and every house we enter we feel like we know each other since forever, with same love and care and hospitality. I asked to have a tour in the farm they said: don’t ask just go, It’s your place. I took all the kids with me, because I would get lost, they were my guides. and all the youngers came out with me.

Then there were the Valentino , a 7 years old kid who is so incredible, who was acting, talking so much like an adult, He’s like a dating expert who knows what can attract a women and how to get closer in a gentle caring way. Honestly, He SCARED ME. LOL!!  So he was acting like he got a crush on me 😀 

Oh Zyad.  He was sticking to me and was finding every way possible to talk with me, I really liked him, he was a really cute kid with a different personality. It was that baby 4 years ago. He was so cute quite kid, but now nope, he’s a grown up little guy. he is like that high school cool guy with an attitude of a gentleman. I know it’s crazy, nobody gonna believe or really understand what he was like, all my family, mom , brothers and cousins have seen him how he talk and walk. He’s just incredible. 

He picked some flowers for me, asked me about my interests, took me to a far a way place and said to me: ” don’t be afraid I’m with you, I know how to take you back home”. every thing he was saying or doing was shocking to me. That’s  big man in a little boy skin!!

And I wasn’t there when he and my brothers talked about food and they asked him if he likes fish, and he said “I hate fish, I can’t smell it”. I didn’t know that they had this conversation with him till later. So  I was sitting with the whole big family when he came to sit next to me. I made a space for him, held him beside me, he looked at me and said “hey, Aya.. do you like fish?” he was asking me with a worried voice. I just answered “yes, I love fish” he said “I love fish so much too, I really really like fish” and same question about milk if I drink it with sugar I said no I drink it without sugar, he said me too. another girl heard him said “No, his lying.. he drinks everything with lots of sugar”. I just smiled. but he looked at her as he is going to kill her 😀

We stayed 2 days, then his granny asked him if he would like to get back home with me. he said yes yes I want.. then he went to his father and told him that he wants to marry me in front of me. I was like OMG , no way a little boy like that think this way. The whole room started to laugh like crazy. Then he came back to sit next to me and said: “I love you”  Then he hold me and kissed me in the cheeks. Then I said to him okay my fiance, he was so happy 😀 

Wow, what a boy!!

Those people are so different, they are the good part of the world that can make anyone happy with their kind faces and warm smiles.t he gratitude they have reflects on everything around them. They’re a good hearted people created their own heaven away from any negativity. Raising their kids with pure hearts and spontaneously.

I really love them and can’t wait to see them again 🙂
I had so many pictures of the trip. But unfortunately I lost them all while mmigrating from my old blog. 

Thank you for reading!