It Feels Like Summer

It Feels Like Summer

It feels like summer,

heated, burning, brightly stinging, no air at times.

and only for a little moments it cools off just like its short nights.


seasons are fading into each other, tangled with our feelings for one another.


laying on the edge of the highest mountain

looking down at what we can’t see.

celebrating those minutes of love

after tearing up into doubt and it seems

we don’t share the same ground.

  It weights so much going up the mountain but

gravity makes it easier going down. 


Do you think we will make it together for another round,

or one of us is going to fade between the clouds. 

Please,  tell me it’s just a summer then things are going to shape a cooler colors.



Summer Vibes


Despite the crazy temperatures and skin damage because of the insane sun these days; the sea, sky and sand are amazingly beautiful. 🏖 been wishing if the golden hour was a 2, 3 or 4 hours instead 😂 It is a guaranteed way to disconnect from daily life routine. Enjoy summer everyone, Love and light […]